When Jesus healed

The Doctor's Life Support for 11 December

News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralysed, and he healed them.

Matthew 4: 24

When we are given details of Jesus’ acts of healing during his earthly ministry, his concerns are always focussed on the people involved rather than on the condition from which they were suffering. It is, indeed, often quite difficult to make a specific diagnosis. He would touch the leprous, whom no one else would touch, to reassure them of his care for them. For one blind man he anointed his eyes with clay, for another he simply spoke the word. To the man let down through the roof he spoke first of the forgiveness of his sins before he showed his power over his paralysis. When he healed the deaf man with the speech impediment, he took him away from the crowd and literally put his finger on the problem, as he touched his ears and his tongue, and pointed him to the source of his healing as he looked up to heaven. Then he spoke the specific word of healing which a deaf man could most easily lip-read, ‘Ephpha- tha’. When Jesus calls us to a ministry of healing, even by conventional, main-line, medical means, he teaches us by his example that the person’s needs are often of greater significance than the disease or its pathology. The word ‘healing’ is used to translate the same Greek word as is used for ‘salvation’, and as we practise one kind of healing we need to be aware of the person’s need to be made whole in spirit, as well as in body.

Written by George L Chalmers from the UK

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