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Bible Reading Beginnings Genesis 1

Bible Reading Beginnings Genesis 2

Bible Reading Beginnings Genesis 3

Keynote-lecture - Students and Juniors-stream

My limited perspective – unlimited vision

Keynote-lecture - Students and Juniors-stream

The workplace

Resources [un]limited - Family/ Society

The Doctor Themselves

Resources [un]limited for Opportunity [un]limited

JosephBible Reading 1

JosephBible Reading 2

JosephBible Reading 3

JosephBible Reading 4

Surviving Medical School, Surviving the junior years

Limited possibilities – Resources unlimited

Children - learning from the least of these

Ethics of organ donation and transplantation

Money, Sex and Power - Bibical ways to challenge our lives

How to use scripture in devotional time and witness

Beginning of life issues - When does a person begin to exist?

Developing Mental Health Services in poor resource countries

Psychiatry - Spirituality and mental illness

Forgiveness as a key factor for personal well-being and social development

Medicine and society - Campaigning and lobbying

Sharing Faith with colleagues

Against all odds - Relief Medicine in chronic complex emergencies

Whole person medicine- meeting spiritual needs of patients

Healthcare and the church - Healthcare Professionals and the Church

Healthcare and the church- church health and the community

Addiction in Society - Drugs and Alcohol - Why should we care?

Addiction in society - Pornography and Sexual Addiction